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Odessa is the biggest cityof Ukraine located in south part of the country. The population of Odessa city is around 1,010,000 with an area of 237 sq.km . Odessa is located on the northwest coast of black sea on the shore of Odessa Gulf. Odessa has a coastline with a total length of 30 km.

The climate of Odessa has subtropical features with mild winter, very hot summer, long and warm autumn. The average temperature range in January is 0.5 degree Celsius and in July 22.5 degree Celsius .

The industries like oil processing, metalworking, light, food, woodworking, chemical, agricultural industries are the highlights of Odessa city. Arcadia is one of the popular resort and entertainment districts of Odessa.

Apart from this, the territory has a rest house, hydropathic institution, tourist base, hotel, polyclinic, restaurants, nightclubs and many other entertainment facilities. There is an international airport in the city of Odessa which connects the Odessa with Vienna, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Ankara, Kyiv, Dubai, Warsaw.

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