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Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmacy faculty at Odessa National Medical University was founded in the year of 1903 which is one of the reputed pharmaceutical institutes in Odessa. Faculty trains the medical professionals in the field of Pharmacy.

A course of Pharmacy carried out for a period of 5 years and students can be worked as junior specialists in the field of Pharmacy.

Faculty has the following specialization department:

  • Department of pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Pharmacy warehouse
  • Senior pharmacist
  • Cosmetics production
  • Marketing specialists of the pharmaceutical company
  • Quality control of drugs and technology of drugs
  • Medical products and HTMC

During the course of study, students can learn social, economic, humanitarian, natural and professionally oriented disciplines. Students are provided with practical training in multidisciplinary university clinic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, pharmacies for the course of Pharmacy.

Candidate needs to pass Krok 2, Pharmacy state oriented exam graduating as a specialist in Pharmacy. University organizes the specialized advanced training of pharmacists-specialists at the pre-certification stage of General Pharmacy.

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