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Accommodation and Living

Odessa National Medical University has 6 hostels provided with facilities:

  • Centrally heated rooms
  • Well-furnished, 2 or 3 bedded rooms
  • Centrally heated rooms
  • Cafeteria
  • 24 hrs hot & cold water supply
  • Reading rooms, gym facility
  • Campus security guards
  • Free Medical Check Up (monthly)

Sport Complex

Odessa National Medical University has 6 departments for a sports complex. University encourages each student to participate in sports activities. University has various sports sections such as tennis, basketball, athletics, volleyball, football, judo, wrestling, chess and others. The sports stadium is available for conducting sports activities. The sports complex is situated on the territory of university campus.

Amenities available at Sports Complex:

  • Stadium
  • Gym
  • Sport games halls
  • Gym

Polyclinic Service

The university is a reconstructive and rehabilitation center of medicine. In the year of 2005, the university clinic was founded as a subsidiary of Odessa State Medical University. University established its clinical base approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine . Polyclinic department of the university has been done 250 visits per time. Annual medical examination of each medical student is carried out by the polyclinic department.

In the field of treatment, rehabilitation and medical check-up, the rehabilitation sector has been played an important role which provides the following procedures:

Ozokerite, Paraffin, Laser therapy, Magnetic therapy, Vacuum therapy, Whirl bath, reflexotherapy, barothearapy etc.


Odessa National Medical University has 3 museums:

Pathological Museum

Pathological museum at Odessa National Medical University has established in the year of 1902 by the professor of Moscow University which is one of the best professional museums in Ukraine. The museum is provided with macro preparation which was given to the department of pathological anatomy of a university.

Historical Museum

Historical Museum at the university is a milestone of the institution from 1900 to the present. The museum was built in the 20th of century renovated in the year 2000.

Anatomical Museum

Anatomical Museum at the university was established in the year of 1902 after two years of university establishment. The museum has a collection of more than 1000 exhibits out of which 24 specially made oak cabinets & mummies from Upper Egypt and Sahara.

Here are some stills of Museum at Odessa National Medical University:





The university has a huge library with a book of million copies. It is the informative center which provides necessary information in an accessible form. University has one of the biggest electronic library for medical students. A library has spacious rooms including reading rooms, computer rooms with a capacity of 130 students at a time.

Reading rooms have more than 80 electronic textbooks, authors of leading scientists, a textbook of fundamental discipline. The library has an electronic catalog of educational literature maintained with the help of special automated system “Irbis”.The university has 65 databases which consist of texts of lectures, methodological elaborations, educational modules, 500 scientific journals and the other material that help the students.

Library of Odessa National Medical University is a scientific establishment for both students and scientists. Every student has an individual electronic subscription for access to issuing and receiving the books. Since 2008, the library of the university has become a 1st electronic library in Ukraine. Library funds are displayed at the symposia, exhibitions and scientific conference of medical workers.

Publishing and Printing Activity

Institute has a strong base of scientific and medical units of the university. University has a huge printing complex for publishing scientific journals licensed HAC of Ukraine, books and manuals legalized by university scientists. University has a training literature series published in English, Russian and Ukrainian language. From the years of establishment, the university has published 170 titles of textbooks with a circulation of 205,000 copies .

University has a printing base with the use of latest international information technologies. University publishes scientific, methodological and educational literature. 3 medical journals are published by the university are:

  • Odessa Medical Journal - 6 times a year
  • Medical achievements and biology - 2 times a year
  • Integrative anthropology - 2 times a year

The university has produced over 15,000 copies per

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