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Faculty of Medical

Medical faculty at Odessa National Medical University was established on September 1st, in the year of 1900 Odessa. Medical faculty at the university is divided into two faculties, i.e. Medical & Pediatric.

In 1994, the institution awarded as university status and founded two specialties including the specialty of General Medicine & specialty of Pediatrics.

Today, the university has trained the specialists in:

  • Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Medical and Preventive care
  • Social and Political Sciences

Structure of the faculty:

The university has total no. of 62 medical departments which provides educational, scientific and medical process.

There are a total no.of 840 teachers , among them

  • 4 associate members of NAMS of Ukraine, 2 academicians of NAMS of Ukraine.
  • 5 laureates of state prize of Ukraine
  • 21 honored workers of science and technology
  • 5 Members of Presidium and Expert Councils
  • 47 Members of Specialized Academic Councils

After completing the program in General medicine, students will obtain a degree of specialist and professionally he/she will become an internee doctor or trainee doctor.

Training in a medical university will be given in various discipline including General medicine, Pediatrics, Medical and Preventive care medicine. Training is subjected to preclinical and clinical training.

As per the curriculum of General Medicine, Pediatrics, Medical and Preventive care students will undergo practical training in the hospitals.

The standardized test state exam is conducted which consists of two exams “Krok 1”, “Krok 2” which measures the performance of quality professionals in 9 fundamental disciplines.

At the end of a medical course, graduates can apply for a practically oriented state exam which is conducted in two units: the first unit contains general, occupational, infectious diseases, surgical diseases, gynecology, obstetrics and the second unit contains children diseases, social medicine, organization and economics of healthcare maintenance.

To enroll for a medical course at Odessa National Medical University,

+91 9953128303
+91 9953128303
+91 9953128303
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